Own a piece of the world’s greatest hot sandwich.

Since the Economic Downturn began in 2007, the FAST CASUAL has been the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry. Become a part of the multi-billion dollar industry today!

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How it all began

In 1762, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented the meal that changed dining forever. As the story goes, he was playing cards and did not want to leave the gaming table to eat. He asked for a serving of roast beef to be placed between two slices of bread so he could eat with his hands. Thus the sandwich was born. Some 250 years later, Earl of Sandwich restaurants have embraced the idea and crafted it into a made-to-order, freshly baked sandwich like no other. As a franchisee, you will grow with our brand and get your piece of the flourishing fast casual dining segment.

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Why Earl of Sandwich
is good for you.

  • Easy to operate
  • High volume production capability
  • Small, efficient production line
  • Easily replicated for additional store growth
  • Inviting atmosphere
  • Traditional family recipes including fresh baked artisan bread, fresh vegetables, generous slices of the fines cheeses and delicious sauces.

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What is fast casual & how is it different?

Fast Casual does not offer full table service, but promises higher quality food than other fast food restaurants (with fewer frozen or processed ingredients). It is an intermediate concept between fast food and casual dining, and usually priced accordingly.

  • Average Check is between $8 and $16
  • Decor is modern upscale
  • Service model is limited service with the exclusion of waiters/waitresses
  • Includes quality fresh ingredients and food made to order.

Current Fast Casual Culinary Trends:
Local Sourcing, Gourmet Items, Beverages, Desserts and Quality Proteins.

Growth in Fast Casual Service

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Who makes an ideal candidate?

Financial Awareness

An ideal franchisee will have the necessary startup and investment finance in place prior to any franchise agreement. After the agreement has been signed and the franchise is set up, a franchisee must monitor financial income and expenditure as the company progresses.

People person

We welcome franchisees who are friendly, outgoing, and truly enjoy being around people. A respectful personality and great customer service skills are essential. Setting an example for your staff and treating them the way you want customers to be treated is crucial.

Willingness to learn

The brand support that comes with this franchise will provide continuous training and learning opportunities. Gaining valuable understanding from past experience and a willingness to apply the proven EOS system will contribute to the overall success of your franchise.

Motivated by results

Ideal franchisees are overachievers. Our franchises thrive when led by someone who is excited for every day, enjoys challenges, and is self-motivated.

Brand commitment

Brand integrity is a vital component of the franchise process. We are looking for individuals that will follow the Graphic Standards and overall consistency of the brand and will advocate as brand ambassadors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support do I get with an Earl of Sandwich franchise?

When you sign up with Earl of Sandwich, we provide assistance with architectural drawings and store layout reviews, site selection assistance, pre-opening processes, on and off-site training and we also conduct quarterly restaurant visits.

What are the Earl of Sandwich franchise fees?

Royalty fees are 6% of gross sales and advertising fees are 3% of gross sales. 1 % of the advertising fee is paid into our Brand Fund for development of advertising and marketing of the brand; and 2% of the advertising fee is spent by you on local store marketing.

Can I secure a territory to develop multiple Earl of Sandwich restaurants?

Yes, we encourage our franchisees to grow with the company depending on territory availability and operations of existing store(s).

What is the typical size of an Earl of Sandwich restaurant?

The ideal size is 1,000 to 1,400 square feet.

Do I need to have a location in mind?

You should be familiar with the area that you want to develop but do not have to have a specific location.

What types of locations are you looking for?

We are looking for both traditional and non-traditional options. Traditional: Promenades, Lifestyle Centers, and Urban / Downtown Districts. Non-traditional: Malls, Higher Education, Airports, Service Plazas, Train Stations, and Healthcare.

What is the typical cost of an Earl of Sandwich restaurant?

Total store investment varies depending on size and location.

Do I need to be involved in the operations of my Earl of Sandwich restaurant?

Yes, to operate effectively, your store(s) must be within reasonable distance of where you or an operating partner lives.

What are the financial requirements to open an Earl of Sandwich restaurant?

To qualify you must have $200,000 of liquid non-borrowed assets.

What are the typical store hours of operation?

Typical store hours are 10am to 9pm, but this may vary depending on your location.

What type of training is provided by Earl of Sandwich?

Earl of Sandwich is committed to providing in-depth training and the tools and resources needed to open and operate a store. New franchisees participate in a 4-week initial manager training program in Orlando, Florida. Earl of Sandwich will also conduct training on site for your team members for one week before and after your first restaurant opening.

Approximately how long will it take to open my Earl of Sandwich restaurant?

There are many factors that affect the time it takes to open a store such as site selection and construction requirements but typically it can take between 6 to 8 months after a site has been approved.

What is the next step?

Please fill out the contact information form and we will reach out to you with next steps.

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Picking the perfect site


Grocery anchored centers, power centers with national big box retailers, lifestyle centers and attributes including high foot traffic, and nearby hotels, colleges and hospitals.


Look for the 18-39 age group, with a median income of $50,000 up.


A strong daytime population of 12,000 or more workers, an overall population of over 30,000 in the defined trade area, full turn access from both main and side streets with ample parking and 60% commercial traffic.

Non traditional locations

650 to 1,000 square feet in venues such as food courts, arenas, airports, casinos and universities.

Street locations

1,000 to 1,400 square feet, with space for seating outside preferred. End caps are preferred, while in line stores are acceptable with strong street visibility both with at least 20ft frontage. No sandwich competition in the center, and a need for a fast casual concept.

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  • Site Selection & Approval
  • Site Development
  • Franchisee Training
  • Crew Training
  • Store Opening


Earl of Sandwich, Disney Springs
Earl of Sandwich Detroit Metro Airport
Earl of Sandwich Planet Hollywood, Vegas

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